Had this idea finally putting it on paper

A lot of phones now have 4 gigabytes of RAM and I expect the new Samsung Galaxy Note, will have six

The idea was a function of convenience

So you had to run out quickly,
because you were late for work.
but you needed a handful of files or videos transferred to your phone like a memory card

Normally you would have to wait for the god awful slow transfer speeds
usually in the USB 2.0 range of 25 megabytes a second even if your phone has USB 3.0 or type c

It should be very simple to use that RAM available to buffer the USB transfer

Say up to three gigabytes in file size on a 4gb ram device.
automatically goes at high speed
(the speed of the ram) into this cache buffer.

The file transfer says completed and you disconnect your device put it in your pocket and continue throughout your day.
meanwhile, that buffer bleeds out into the slower micro SD or internal storage untill it is empty.

The only worry for loss of data would have to be loss of phone Power before that buffer has been fully flushed.
Use of this feature can be toggled on or off depending on if they accept the risk

I actually submitted that idea to Google some time last year I don't know if anyone ever read it or not but I figured I would at least put it on a public forum in case someone ever used to the idea

Interesting idea but I don't see it happening. What we really need is phones that don't have shitty storage devices in them. I want to see some SSD speed storage shit in there. There is no excuse for not having 120GB of 100-200MB/s storage in a phone other than laziness on the companies part.

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Much agreed
think about this
your same micro SD card has the capacity to do 75 megabytes a second plus
if you take it out of your phone and put it into a USB adapter
but run it through your phone and magically you are screwed into USB 2.0 speeds of 20 Meg

Data transfer rates of mobile handsets are just completely unacceptable

Though you could totally do this with an app... You would just virtually mount a RAM disk and make it accessible over MTP. You could even simulate the files being in the directory. Then you write to it it all gets dumped into RAM and is slowly written to the actual drive. Kind of like a storage proxy.

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As an application that sounds like something that would require root access
Which would automatically cut off most of the uninitiated masses

If you could make it a dynamically resizing virtual disk out of the room that would be good because then it would scale up and scale down depending on system resources and usage

Would not want it permanently sucking up all of your RAM

We seriously need fuckin type C 3.1 already. This USB 2.0 shit is getting retarded.

Almost certain it would. You can't make a symbolic link without root if I remember correctly. This would require more than that even.


To me any implementation that meets this General goal just seems to be a very nice
quality of life Improvement
at least until companies decide to spend like 20 more cents per Handset unit...
and actually give us good transfer rate storage especially now that Samsung has its 48 layer v-nand

Waaa cant put in 200gb even tho it costs us $1
But it will still msrp the phone for $800

On a side note the store that I work for is going to begin selling iPhones on Friday I'm rather upset and pissed off about that I f****** hate that company
The training guidelines for introducing a customer to that Apple product is basically a like saying jerk off the phone in front of them lightly caress the aluminum body and talk about how perky it's nipples are

They literally want me to explain every technical aspect of the phone but without actually giving statistics that can be comparable to other systems
for instance it has the new A9 CPU in there.
but it fails to mention any type of clock speed or whatnot

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I have a saying for Apple. Apple devices are smarter than their users, even when they aren't.

Even if you actually know what the hell you're doing your iCrap knows better than you. We're stuck using a piece of shit mac laptop and as you would expect it can't actually read MTP from an android device. Instead I have to pick up everything and walk it over to the Win10 AIO we have to do any actual work.

I am really just not a fan of that company's practices I understand that companies always rip us off but my God Apple does it too much worse extent

It is 1 a.m. my time almost and I have to go to sleep to wake up and repeat my hell hole of a job schedule all again
Unless an Airplane engine falls through the roof and crushes me sending me into a Quantum state where I am dead and not dead and get super powers then I will see you guys tomorrow