Hackintosh - (Yosemite) - Unable to Keep EFI Mounted

Hey, so I'm trying to keep the EFI partition of the hard drive mounted but it won't stay mounted after rebooting the system. It doesn't seem to want to keep the changes made, it will save changes for things like keeping the sound in the bar at the top so I know it does write properly to the OS part of the drive, but not for the EFI partition it looks like. I have tried EFI mounter and Clover configuration program from TonyMacX86 but those don't work. I'm using Legacy mode because UEFI doesn't work from the Clover installer. Any ideas?

Alright lets take things one step at a time.

First post your full system specs.

Asus P9D WS (C226 Chipset)
No dedicated GPU card

Question, what did you use to install? Niresh, the original disc, vas ist das booter?

I take it from the way you're speaking that English isn't your first language, but I do appreciate the attempt. It sounds like you're asking what bootloader I used. I used the legacy Clover bootloader for Yosemite from TonyMacX86's site. (Done with USB)

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Oh no, it is XD I'm just bored.

So you used the original Yosemite image? I ask this because for my hackintosh I need to leave the boot media in that I installed from to do anything with the machine.

The Yosemite Mac installer was involved, yes. But the tool I used to create the installer is called UniBeast - (Also available on TonyMacX86's site).

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That second bit you added in there from the edit,

Okay so you managed to get into the OS right?
If yes, then your problem is with post installation. You have successfully installed the Mac OS, but you need to do some post installations to be able to boot into the OS without the USB key to get the system up and working on its own.

Its just how I have to do it on mine. Its a bios based laptop. I did it with Niresh's tool and distro so I was hoping you did similar. I am guessing that you want a more permanent solution though XD

Do all that @Tjj226_Angel says. She/He is very knowledgeable.

Laptops are much harder to get OS X onto as far as I'm aware. I'm waiting for a response from @Tjj226_Angel to see where things go from there.

He : )

And I am digging around to see what I can find.

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Just to give you a general idea of what I think we should do is as follows.

1: Download El Capitan ( why the fuck not )

2: Run unibeast to make a clover bootable USB drive. (and this time we will get UEFI to work)

Clover is actually gonna be our friend here because you can use the clover configurator GUI to set boot parameters without you having to memorize any complicated boot flags.

The ONLY thing that is gonna make the install difficult is your mobo.

For the moment, please update the BIOS on the mobo. We are gonna need to tweak the bios a fair bit it looks like.

I got El Capitan working with my system, I just wanted to try Yosemite. BIOS is up to date. Tried UEFI with Clover on El Capitan and had the same results with UEFI Clover for Yosemite. Only luck I've had for both OSes has been legacy Clover.

Ahhhhhhh ok, I see what is going on.

I do not believe you can use clover configurator to make changes to the config.plist for unibeast.

You would be much better off simply mounting the EFI once and then manually editing the plist on notepad and then saving the file directly.

And no, your EFI parition is not supposed to stay mounted. It is like that by design. I am sure there is a work around, but it could make things worse rather than better.

plist? where is that? where would I save it to?

First off I actually misspoke and I believe it is something like chameleon boot plist something or other.

Its in your /Extra folder on your unibeast flash drive.

I don't understand what I'm supposed to do. What order does it go in? What would I edit on the file using something like text edit?

I found the file it's called "config.plist". It was in "EFI" > "Clover".

face palm.

I am a freaking retard. When you said you were using unibeast, I was thinking back to when I used unibest for yosemite.

Unibeast for yosemite utilized the chimera boot loader. To edit that boot loader it is in the extra folder.

It just dawned on me that you were using the most up to date version of unibeast which is technically clover.

So in that case your cover configurator should work.

So you mounted the EFI, but did you import the config.plist file? You have to import the file, change it, and then export it in order for the changes to take place

How would I import the file? What do I edit in the file? How do I export it?

Its a really piss poor design because all the buttons you need to hit are kind of hidden.

Below is a picture of what you should be seeing.

1: On the side bar under tools, hit mount EFI and then select your flash drive.

2: In the VERY bottom left hand corner is the import button. You need to click it and navigate to that plist file you just found and click it.

3: Once you have imported it, you can now make changes. I would recommend you add in basic boot flags like -v in order to make trouble shooting a LOT easier.

4: once you are done, you are gonna go back to the bottom left hand corner and click the export button and save the file. You will be overwriting your previous file, so be careful when you make your edits. If you change something without realizing it, you could be screwed.

5 (optional) if you want to give yourself a little insurance, I highly suggest you duplicate your config.plist file and saving it somewhere else so that you have a vanilla file to back to incase something goes wrong.