Hackintosh so complicated :(

Geez creating a hackintosh machine is more complicated than I thought :( I just want straight forward help for my specific computer which has a asus z97 deluxe & r9 290. I have a couple questions, How can I simply install yosemite hackintosh world on my 256 gb ssd with windows 7 currently installed on it? I just simply want to build a hackintosh machine with dual boot windows 7 & yosemite on same ssd. Which version of Yosemite Hackintosh is most stable 10.10.3 or older?

I am sure you have already looked at it but, I would suggest starting with a look at Tonymacx86.com It is the go to web site for Hackintoshing. Good luck with everything.


Make sure your hardware is in the HCL of the hackintosh version you are using. Not sure why u not use linux or some BSD instead of a hackintosh.

Z97 is already a good choice for a hackintosh. I used to have a hackintosh as well, but now I switched to Linux, not because of the fact that it was a hackintosh, but because I started to disagree with Apple's philosophy more and more (seriously, removing the battery life estimate because their laptops suck?).

I wouldn't bother with Yosemite and go for El Capitan instead, it's more or less the same stability-wise and is just as easy/difficult to set up. However, dual booting is quite some work with a hackintosh and you are usually better off, getting a separate hard drive or SSD for Mac OS X.

But as @Angrywelder already pointed out, you should check https://www.tonymacx86.com for advice on how to exactly do that. They not just have forums with more experienced people but also have lots of tutorials and how-tos on the subject. But basically what you need is a working Mac (or Hackintosh) where you can download the operating system from the app store and run a programm called UniBeast which copies the downloaded operating system and a bootloader, that will actually make it bootable on PCs, onto a USB stick.

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Actually, Sierra has one massive plus going for it: native support for Polaris GPUs.
Otherwise El Cap is great.

Yes there are a few new additions, but I have never tried it out on a hackintosh :D
On the other hand, if he has a 290 he will probably not need Polaris GPU support.

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I'll pist to you when I'm awake vut you aren't going to be using a distro and hopefully you have a disc for osx somewhere.



Unless you really wanna, I'll explain why

Yes, also Pascal


Ok so now that I am somewhat awake, kinda, Heres what you're going to do if you are really serious about doing this. First you need a 64 bit mac to do up your USB and either a disk with your image OR a [dot]DMG installer from the appstore. Don't bother torrenting because its a lot of fake ISO's and like one good one hidden.

Then, prlop your DMG in the applications folder of the mac with this tool


Start unibeast and let it create a USB. HAVE AN 8 GB USB.

Then while that is being made, get this tool

and start looking for drivers for your hardware. The ati4000.kext that is in the system has your AMD drivers so no worries on that. Look for any drivers people have made for your board and get them ready to put on your USB when its doen. The partition that comes up is separate from the installer so you won't break anything.

Also grab this


When the USB finishes open it and put all your stuff you need on it. NEVER FORMAT THIS USB you will be needing it for when the installation breaks, if it breaks, which can happen.

Plug your USB in, boot, install, let the system reboot, boot from the USB agaihttp://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/314406-voodoohda-289/n, select your new OSX partition that you JUST installed to (should be labeled HFS or HFS+ on a HDD icon) and then open your USB once you have your account set up. If the system doesn't go into account setup and reboots it is OSX autodetecting your hardware that Clover presents it (when I put a new GPU in my mac pro it reboots once or twice to get a full scan of what it has, OSX is doing this if it doesn't go to account set-up immediately).

Once you are at the desktop, go to your USB. Open Kext wizard, go to installation, and drag all of your downloaded kexts into the installation window. Hit install, wait, go back to the first screen, hit repair permissions, let it finish. Close that window and open multibeast. In multibeast, you might have the option to activate your sound card. Go through the lists and see if any of your specific hardware is in there already. If so, hit its check box. Then go to bootloader, clover, then I assume you'll use UEFI and not BIOS so select that. Hit the build screen and let it do its thing.

In the event that your sound card was not listed, use this.

Its a precompiled pulseaudio set that attaches almost any soundcard it can recognize to ALSA in OSX.

But why did I say do Sierra and not El Cap?

For one, sierra has better driver support. El Cap uses AMDGPU just like sierra, but sierra has pascal support where as El Cap does not. At that, systems were stripped out of El Cap that were in versions before and after it. If I want to use OBS I have to use other software to record my audio or just not have audio at all. There is a software layer that is called Sunflower or.... something... that is supposed to pipe game audio to specified windows, much like VAC does for windows.

Now then, if you didn't fuck up amazingly you should have a hackintosh. In the event you fucked up amazingly, send me a picture so I can laugh at you.

in the event you cannot get a DMG I have one for El Cap, but I will not extend this to others. If you have access to a 64bit mac then you can get the DMG yourself


Just try UniBeast + MultiBeast first and see how far you can get with that. After you figured out what doesn't work yet (maybe Ethernet, Audio, etc.), you can go and see where you find the necessary drivers/kexts. There is no need to throw dozens of kexts at your system, if you might not need them. If you keep your system as similar to a real Mac as possible (that means install only necessary drivers etc.), the least issues you will encounter, when Apple updates the operating system. I only installed the bare minimum and I was always able to upgrade to the next version of macOS without any issues, while others who had the same hardware had problems. The most common problems, which people run into are also linked in the beginner tutorial (see next link).

This tutorial on tonymacx86.com should be easy to understand and gives you the most lightweight installation for a hackintosh. I had the same chipset like you and this worked for me quite well.

All I was saying with that was that he should rather look at El Capitan than Yosemite. I just heard that some people had trouble with switching to Sierra, so I suggested a known good from my own experience. If he manages to get Sierra running without any issues, then sure go for it. :D

But he doesn't even have a Pascal or Polaris GPU, so there is no immediate need for that.

What kind of systems are those, that he desperately needs?

I'm sorry, but is that arrogance supposed to be cool?

There are parts stripped out of the audio system that are rather useful in a lot of different tools. Since OSX is a work environment I would assume he wants to do something like Final Cut or the adobe suite. If he wanted to pull audio from different files it would be a bit of a pain in the ass to do. While not immediately useful, as it would seem, it is a huge pain to not have the ability to record audio from a window in the OS, par example recording a video for youtube and needing desktop audio.

But then why put up a wall that makes it not possible?

I don't think we've met on here before. Hello.

Maybe first ask him? ;-)

Most people I know that have a Mac at home don't edit video, maybe Photoshop. Maybe he is just a student who is looking to get away from Windows for non-gaming purposes.

I didn't say that he shouldn't go for Sierra if he can. If it works, sure.
Upgrading macOS is always free ;-)

It is now. But its not that easy on a hackintosh. You have to back up your data and do a complete new install. Sierra has all the same GPU drivers as El Cap and more functionality. IMO he should just do sierra.

Actually, I was able to upgrade from Yosemite to El Capitan just like every other Mac user, but it's not the same for everyone.

If Sierra works for him without any major issue, unlike I heard from some people upgrading to it, then that's the way to go. Sierra is already out for a while now, so I guess it's safe to assume that most people should be able to get it running, compared to when it just came out. But El Capitan can still be a plan B, if all fails.

This whole story heavily depends on the hardware he has. I bought the hardware fresh according to their shopping list and that's probably the reason why it worked so well for me.


Ok guys, It looks like I'm better off installing Sierra instead of Yosemite. I heard El Capitan was a mess unstable. You guys are telling me that Sierra is most stable for hackintosh. My specific machine is best running Sierra. I don't have all the money in world. I already spent over $1000 for my machine. I only have one ssd. I just simply want to dual boot windows 7 & mac os on same ssd via hackintosh. Why does this have to be so complicated :(

something i ran into building my first hackintosh with GPU kexts was that I wasnt using a reference card or another version that was explicitly supported so I wound up using a G210 POS which worked but without the horsepower of whatevertheheck it was that I had planned to use
just posting as an FYI for people thinking of building one, generally the reference cards are suggested because of better kext support but others can work, DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE PURCHASING

I second @aodix. You have to do your research before buying gear for a Hackintosh. You can't just throw a bunch of parts together and expect it to work because most of the time it won't.

Can you hackintosh in a virtualbox on ryzen

AMD is not supported by OSX

I know that but in Virtual Box

What is the actual problem?

I have installed yosemite, el capitan, and sierra all on a very similar system to yours. The only difference is I used a z97-a and you are using the deluxe. All you have to do is make the installation media and install it. There shouldn't need to be any complex steps. If you tell me what issues you are running into, I can certainly help.

The r9290 is a plug and play gpu for yosemite to sierra.