Hackintosh OSX86


Not sure if this is allowed on the forums, so I apologise in advance.

I am looking to install OSX86 to a Dell E6420 with nVidia 4200m. I have read it is certainly possible and lots have done it, however, I am a complete beginner in this subject and so does anyone have a step by step idiots guide on how to go about it?

Many thanks

Never done it my self so i can't help but this website should have lot of info on how to do it.

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Yeah that's a great site for finding out how to do it.

I installed OSX on my ASUS K55 using the info from tonymac, it worked, but was pretty unstable in my experience. After the 3rd crash & reinstall, I tried Linux & haven't looked back.

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running os x on my 2009 era workstation, tonymacx86 is a great resource if you're into hackintosh stuff.