Hackintosh on acer e1-571g

hi everyone. I was wondering could I get a 'mac os' on my acer laptop. unsure which version would have most support for my hardware and most importantly the nvidia optimus geforce 620m.

thanks in advance!!


Shuhratm, I've been looking at that for a bit. There are a bunch of sites that offer help installing a Mac OS on a PC. take a look at http://www.tonymacx86.com/home.php  and see what you can find. I would also like to give this a try but haven't taken tha plunge yet. Fun to read about though. Have a great day and a merry Christmas!

It'll most likely work pretty good alright. The only problem would be the optimus nVidia chip which is highly problematic even on Linux apparently, so if you can disable your dedicated graphics card in BIOS you should do that before booting or installing OS X. Even with it disabled it will work great with the Intel HD 3000 on-board graphics. Of course you can easily re-enable the nVIdia chip if you need it for performance on Windows. If you are unable to disable your dedicated graphics card in BIOS you might have some problems with QE/CI which are important for the UI as it will get no hardware acceleration whatsoever which will make the UI lag, you'll be unable to watch YouTube videos and such. So make sure to check if you can disable it just in case!

As for the wireless network adapter, it is really a hit and miss. It might work straight out of the box, it might work with some configuration or it might not work at all. If it doesn't work you can probably change it for another one unless Acer have whitelisting stuff in their BIOS, in that case you need a WiFi dongle to get proper wireless networking.

Use UniBeast to install OS X on it, and use MultiBeast for the fishing touches to get everything working. Both available from http://www.tonymacx86.com/home.php. Good luck!