Hackintosh KVM, which linux distro for host?

Im between ubuntu 20.04 and Fedora. I like fedora’s up to date kernel and redhat connection (better kvm support?)… but I also like ubuntu’s long term stability and lack of need to upgrade for a long time.

Also, this will be an AMD hackintosh.

-> macos
-> windows

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I currently run a MacOS VM on AMD through Unraid. As someone who’s done hackintosh on both bare hardware and in a VM, the VM is clearly the way to go (and with AMD, its basically the only choice).
Nice thing about unraid is the community has built a docker container to help you build the XML config with ease.

Unfortunately, I haven’t tried doing it with either ubuntu or fedora so I can’t provide much advise there… I’m not sure you can really go wrong on either choice.

Thank you! Yes, AMD all the way. Excited about my 3970x.

Tell me, have you ever used Macos tools for virt manager? If so, how is the performance? Can you view your other KVM vms and use their desktops without much lag?

Hey - I’m planning on doing the same thing (hackintosh and windows VMs with other linux VMs as well). If you have time to post any info to this thread about how it goes and how you accomplish the setup, it would be greatly beneficial. I’m planning on trying to do it using Fedora, but I am not very knowledgable so that shouldn’t sway you one way or the other. For what it’s worth though, as I’ve begun investigating it sounds like Fedora might be easier to pass a GPU thru because it uses huge pages as a default (but clearly you can set Ubuntu to use huge pages as well).

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No, I haven’t had a need to run virt manager since unraid provides its own web interface for managing VMs. Performance seems as good as bare metal. I haven’t run a bunch of benchmarks to verify but I’ve got no complaints. I’ve used the VM both using NoVNC and direct through GPU passthrough. GPU passthrough is very much the way to go.

I use multiple Nvidia GPU’s and with Moonlight, I can manage other multiple VMs at 1080p 60fps with low latency. Low enough to play games on (It uses Nvidia Shield streaming technology) For basic desktop management, I use NoMachine which provides a decent remote desktop experience for when I don’t need gaming level streaming bandwith usage.

Unfortunately, Nvidia drivers on mac don’t allow streaming via moonlight but as a client for the other VMs, macos works great.

My plan is to use macos directly. Monitor, KB, mouse directly into the VM. Then use virt manager to control other VMs.

Will do!