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Hackers Tied to Russia Hit U.S. Nuclear Agency, Three States

December Event?

Looks like just another hysteria-generating non-event with zero proof and convenient finger-pointing. Just like all the other ones.


We all know the government does not lie to its people :sunglasses:

This hack was so extensive that they do not know what all is impacted. The scale was huge. If done by any nation state ? Makes it enough to go to war over. The pentagon is now running under wartime conditions using only their own internal systems . If that gives you a clue to how serious this hack was.


Yes… very real and serious.

Wrong… insert trump meme :slight_smile:

password: nuclearplant123


ya…really :slight_smile:

Every single time someone mentions russian hackers, which is a commom trope here as well, I think that either someone in the organization that got hacked clicked on the *.exe attachment to an email or it has been an american intelligence agency instead in an coverup, since pretty much the only verified hacks and spying that can be properly attributed and not only guessed here, have been conducted by the US.

Do I smell some emergency powers?

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Who knows ? DNI is dragging his feet.

DNI? Not sure I’ve heard that acronym before.

I feel I am on a list now, after clicking on that.

Dale Gribble intensifies

I always say… get in line :slight_smile: