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Hacker Lore: Know Your Ancestors


i looked him up, and this is an embarrassingly bad article :joy:

His Twitter is a joy

though your comment got flagged in a flash, you did deliver on an interesting man :wink:



Pederasts and serial abusers can be very smart as it turns out

must have sucked for all those first wave tech people that looked up to him to find out about it



He seems to have a sort of freindship with the Woz.
couldn’t find any official statements about it other than this (oh uh, content warning lol)
and a buzzfeed article. :frowning:



see, the smart thing to do is deny everything , but

“Yes, that’s a possibility,” Draper told the Daily Dot. “There is a possibility that I might have had an erection because I am on the back; my pelvis is not really touching his lower back but is, you know, near there. He might have felt a bump—but how do I know that bump wasn’t something in my pocket?”

there’s dozens of others at this point too, including respected infosec industry people. if you wanna discount an isolated incident thats one thing, entirely another when you have reports going back to the 80’s

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Well then again, reports are reports, anecdotal evidence isn’t as trustworthy as people would like to think.
And sometimes there are misunderstandings, I’ve seen with my own eyes how innocent people get accused by multiple parties plays out.
That’s actually what the whole #KickVic (the WeebWars and all that) is all about.

Though he does sound guilty haha


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What the fuck. Knock it off



Take this bullshit to the lounge or Discord.