Hacker in DayZ plays Logans 8 bit music!

Last night I was on the Tek servers in a Supermarket in Stary Sobor when all of a sudden i hear Logans 8 bit music. So I thought well maybe i have the web page open but then i started hearing it go from side to side like someone was walking around. So now I'm paranoid so I sneak out of the front of the Supermarket and see a Preist with a MP5SD and the music is playing and he starts shooting at me so i ran behind a building and threw out a grenade to where i heard the music. I run up a hill and into the woods and look behind me and can't see anyone then all of a sudden i get the hour glass of death. This Hacking shit is so anoying after you spend hours and hours surviving getting good loot setting up a home base its all wiped away from some Asshole!! I was alive for 22 days and now have to start all over again!!

I have decided to make my own private Hive and have it locked with invitation only!!

I didn't get the whole thing with Fraps but here is a video of the end result.


I really love the DayZ mod, but the hackers really ruin the game. I hope the stand alone game would have less hackers on the servers.