Hack/Mod Xbox360 Wireless Receiver for PC Chassis?

So I had this idea when I noticed that my chassis has a reset button, that I would honestly never use, at any given point in my entire lifetime, and since the PC that I just built, my first build by the way, is strictly a low budget monster console for my bedroom to go with my PS3, and I don't want the ugly Xbox 360 reciever dangling in front of my case, and I don't wanna reach all the way around the back just to hit the sync button since I'll have friends with controllers using this thing.  I thought I could open up the reciever, and solder the positive and negative ends of the reset button to where the reciever's button would be, with the open receiver velcroed on the inside of the chassis with it plugged into a usb slot on the motherboard using a fancy dual USB 2.0 slot to USB Header adapter I found on Amazon.  My second part would be to make the HDD Light take place of the Receiver LED so it would blink when the reciever's looking for a controller as that light is right below the reset button, the only time I ever look at that light is when it tries to prove I have epilepsy by blinking like crazy during a file transfer which gets annoying, so why not?  What do you guys think?  Would this even be possible?  I'm using the NCIX GAMMA Classic Chassis if anyone's curious. 

Just velcrow the receiver on the PC (anywhere where there is space on the case) and hide the wires.

It has already been done.... the video is somehwere on Youtube, and rather impractical when you can just go and purchase a specific PC adapter.




I might as well do that since my case has watercooling grommets in the back of the case, I could just slide the cord through one grommet, through the cpu cutout, leave the whole cord in the cable management side and out the other grommet and into a USB slot.  My case and receiver are both black so I guess it won't look that bad.

You don't need to put the wire through the water cooling i forfeited one of my internal usb 3.0 ports to plug in mine though i haven't soldered the buttons and stuff though it passed through my mind