Hack an airplane with an Android phone?

Browsing around Gawker, I came across this story which I thought was an interesting read.


TLDR summary: some guy found a way to hack into an airplane's systems and do pretty much anything with it using an Android phone, some flight software, and a radio transmitter. I'm a little skeptical because he is a security consultant and there were a few case where other "security consultants" or "representatives" from security firms have overblown the issue to sell some bullshit software that they make. So, thoughts?

Sounds like BS to me, homeland security would be shiting enough bricks to build a small city if it was not.

Total BS. Even if it were true, there would be a million black ops guys that swarmed this doucher and ripped his limbs off and threw him to the wolves.

Nice way to stop North Korea though

Not total BS, but IIRC, it wasn't hacking the plane, but giving the autopilot false GPS coordinates. So it's heading where it thinks it's heading, but you could set the GPS to think it's heading to Moscow but actually head to Berlin or something like that.

Basically, once the pilots realize the plane is being weird, you just turn off autopilot. So it was a hack that could only work if both pilots left the cockpit and decided to go get laid or something.

Also, could still be total BS. If it's not though, it's hardly a real scare if you have a half awake pilot.

I've spent some time on this subject and worked with some of the guys who built the PoC and yes, you can interfere with the GPS and confuse the aircraft. Someone used a spoofing attack similar to this to steal a Drone for a few hours too.

The fact is that there are safety systems in the plane such as TCAS that will override Autopilot in an emergency however it's far more likely that the pilots will intervene well before this becomes necessary. That being said, faulty GPS & autopilot systems have already resulted in plane crashes and thrown pilots into false vertigo and had the actual pilots crash the planes thinking they were pulling out of a dive.

If you really want to shit bricks though, do some research into ADS-B and the flaws surrounding that. I saw a talk last year where a security researcher was able to perform a PoC whereby he'd be able to inject a million ghost planes onto the Air Traffic Control radar system, effectively shutting down an entire airspace. Currently, there are limited solutions around this problem and most of it can be done with a $20 USB TV Tuner.


I'm amazed I'm still racking up the frequent flyer miles despite all this....