H80i Temperature's are going crazy!

H80i's temperatures have gone strange after 4 days of installing it... here's the story

So I installed my H80i the first time.. (i5 3570k btw at stock clock) , temperatures were around 23-26 degrees.Uninstalled the H80i because the Corsair Link wasn't installed , didnt change the thermal paste and temperatures were around 30 degrees. Thought the temperatures were annoying so I uninstalled it again and added some Arctic Cooling Mx-4 thermal paste or something like that , cleaned the CPU and copper block on the H80i and put a pea size on the CPU.Now the temperates are around 29-39 degrees on idle! http://gyazo.com/bd075c98809ef5ce7bdd6312dfee73cf .Not even sure what I've done wrong , I'm using a Push-Pull configuration .


These were the beautifal temperatures : http://gyazo.com/54b411b2d15e38b28ce31a0ff7a9576b


The first gyazo link is broken? Are you testing your temps under same conditions (gaming, benchmark, etc)? You might want to try reseating the cpu again, just to see if anything changes... 

The first link is working for me. These are just idles , but they're driving me crazy :( My intel stock cooler had better temps than the h80i right now.

I reinstalled some thermal paste.. temperates are even higher! http://gyazo.com/0acc2ce9221b037a573bdb55958cbdba


this is from running prime95 after like 5 mins http://gyazo.com/e961b80f1f4e0a9ca49bc23cdfb5ffa1

maybe the pump is going out.

I've only had it for 4 days D:


yeah, could be bad, duno how you could test it tho..


maybe your ambient temps have gona up?

 still tho, those are pretty high temps for watercooled.

Hmm.. I'll take it into the computer shop on Monday or Tuesday and see what's happening.. the guy there usually has a solution to everything .

Not sure how to close the thread.. temperatures are finally fixed. Applied the thermal paste in a cross instead or dot or spreading it on  .