H80i in static push, non-static pull?

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I've been checking out reviews concerning AIO WCLs for my upcoming build. It will include an overclocked 3770K, so heat will be an issue. And since heat will be an issue, whirling fans will also be an issue, and I wish to mitigate that effect as much as possible.

Since the only place I can put a rad sandwich is in the case's 120mm rear exhaust, I've been comparing the reviews between the Antec Kühler 920 and the Corsair H80i. The reason I've narrowed this choice is because between all the Corsair products, it doesn't seem like the decibels vary that much. However, the results from one review to the next vary wildly while comparing the Antec H20 920 and the Corsair H80i. Even so, I might opt for the H80i because I'm getting a AX860i PSU, the Link software makes them complementary (well played Corsair... Well played...).

My theory is the following: I might get a better overall experience if I use a thick 2 fans rad sandwich instead of a slim 1 fan rad solution. Perhaps, overall, the 2 fan solution won't have to turn as fast as a single fan for the same performance.

My solution would be to replace the stock fans delivered with the AIO WCL with some Noctua fans.

However, in the case of a push-pull configuration, is there truly a need for 2 high pressure fans?

My question is therefore the following: I can see the use of a high pressure fan such as the NF-P12 in order to "push" the air through the rad. But on the "pull" side, wouldn't it be better to have a high airflow fan such as the NF-S12B to evacuate the air from the rad, since static pressure is no longer needed?


Your input/experience on this matter would be truly appreciated.


Thanks in advance!

P.S: The fact that the 2 fans would have to rotate at the same speed is a given.

Its been tested time and time again and its been proven that push and pull provide pretty much the EXACT same performance. I suggest pull so you don't have to take off the fan to clean the dust. Anyways the new i coolers from Corsair come with fans that can rival the Noctua ones so I suggest not wasting money on it.

P.S. two high pressure fans are good because it takes high pressure to push AND pull air through a heatsink/radiator.

I have indeed heard the exact same thing concerning push/pull configurations, however the only people asserting that where always testing that fact on a thin radioator.

It's funny, because I was looking for a video on linustechtips in which he proved your point before I replied (here it is), but I landed on this video instead... It would seem to show that this notion that push/pull = push OR pull isn't as constant as it would seem!

Granted, he makes that test with a GPU underneath, so the results may not be so pure. But almost everyone does the same in the real world, so I must give credit to his methodology.

Also, I'm going for a positive pressure build, so dust should be as much of an issue.

Anyways, thanks for the input. However I still wonder if anyone would have any divergent oppinions?