H80i for i5 4670K Overclock

I'm planning to overclock my i5 4670K to 4.6GHz at 1.200-1.220v. To cool it up, I'll be using a H80i with two aftermarket Corsair SP120 HP in a Push/Pull configuration. Is the H80i good enough or should I step up to a H100i?

Assuming you will meet your overclocking goal, the H80i should be sufficient. The H100i would be better, obviously.

if you can fit it and have the dosh to feed the price, the NH-D14 seems like a better option, cause quiet :)

dont be obsessive over temps tho, just give it some flack, hit 4.8 give her 1.4v you will be good

I'm planning to do exactly this also, thanks for the advice!

i'm running my 4670k at 4,2Ghz and am cooling it with the h100i, i never got over 50°C with that setup, hope it helps

Just incrementally overclock from a baseline to whatever frequency you can attain that meets your frequency, thermal and noise requirements. ~~for any cooler - AIO, air, water etc.

Remember each cpu is unique and should be treated as such.