Hey i have a 965be and wanna oc it but also i thnk tht it would be good to get an h60 considering it shouod by me sometime before i upgrade and am wondering if this is a good choice?  Also i cant upgrade my cpu til a year

certainly not. Those low end liquid coolers offer significantly lower performance than similarly priced air coolers. Just buy something like a xigmatek dark knight 2 hawk edition. (unless you are using one of the smaller MiniITX cases)

100% correct just used a Dark Knight 2 in a friends 8350 build.

I just purchased and installed the H60 and I am very satisfied with it for the price.  It is cooling an 8350.  I also have an H70 that still works after over a year.

I can vouch for an H60, too. I've got an i5-3570K OC'd to 4.2, and I get temps of about 25c-65c, on idle and load respectively.