H60 V Similar Priced Air Cooler

I have been wondering what is better for the money. I don't want to spend 160+ of my aussie dollars on a H100i.

What would provide me with the best temps? I don't have a rig yet (stuck with my shitty eMachines laptop) but want something that would keep the cpu cool and give me a possible overclock.

Feel free to give advice about my rig as well.


Mainly for gaming/youtube video making (Vegas Rendering). Also mainly playing BF3, Borderlands 2.


Oh, the Xigamatek Dark Knight 2 is an amazing cooler.

Looks good for the price. Thanks!

The H100 is an over rated pile of dog shit from my experience on the 1155 socket, i have it cooling my 2500k as we speak.

Before i had a Noctua u9B-SE2 which cooled it to almost the exact same temp as the H100.... biggest waste of cash ever.

If you want to buy a clc. Go big or go home, Swiftech 220 + Corsair SP120s, kills the h100 and can be incorporated into an expanded loop. If you're looking at a $60 air cooler vs a $60 CLC, the air coolers going to win 100% of the time.


CoolerMaster TPC 812

NZXT Havik 140

Phanteks PH-TC12DX


The phanteks is probably the best value since it's slightly cheaper than the others (at least here in the US) and offers the same performance as an h100, and that's with one 140mm fan mounted.

I reaaaally love the NZXT Havik. But along with that I'm an NZXT fanboy. I have their case, cooler, and 3 fans, also getting their PSU soon :S. Noctua makes good coolers too though.

I would say could've gotten a better case and psu for the money, but I'm forgetting aussie shits more expensive.


If you're buying in the antec one series look at the p280, i just bought one, best case i've ever used. Also unless you need the CUDA cores jump ship to a 7950 like i did. Similar price, better performance in BF3 and the 8350 should be able to handle cpu physics.

Okay guys, thanks for the help! Really Appreciate it!