h60 (Updated 2013) vs h80i

Which would be better for a 3770k that I would overclock to 4.2ghz, in a bitfenix prodigy? I like the look of the new h60, and if the temps are right, I would get it. Im trying to get the build to look as nice as possible, and i dont want a double thick  120mm rad in the middle of it all unless its necessary. Thanks.


As you can see the H80i and H60 are not even comparable in the slightest.

I would suggest h80i because it also comes with better fans and the corsair link software to control your fans.

would the h60 at least give me somewhat decent temps? It cant be that bad for what im using it for. would the h80i look good in the prodigy? It seems to block the fan in the back, and hangs over everything.