H60 SE Or TPC 812 Heatsinks?

im building a new rig and i am getting an i5 3570k and i want to oc it 4.5 ghz which cooler?

TPC 812 is near on par with the H100, which I assume is better than any revisioin of the H60

Here you will see why you shouldn't buy a single 120mm or 140mm radiator:



If you're going to get a beefy air cooler then I'd suggest a noctua D or whatever Linus is using in that video. Not too sure about that TCP, although it's huge, the fan it comes with looks absolutely worthless.

would a d14 fit in a cosair 300r?


That's indeed something to worry about. You could look at the spec of the parts and try to determine if they will fit. But you still can't really be sure. Just go with a duel 120 rad.