H12SSL M.2 standoffs

So, I feel utterly stupid asking this, but I just can’t figure it out - how do I move the plastic standoffs for M.2 in this motherboard between slots? It came with one in the 22110 position, and I’m mounting 2280.

If memory serves, those are the pinch and push through kind of standoffs. There’s no threads involved it’s just those little nubs on each side of the plastic pin that keeps the standoff in place.

So I need to pinch the nubs and it should lift off? Will try, thank you.

From the back side of the board yeah. It’s a bit fiddly, and I remember thinking it wouldn’t fit, but it worked out.

Urgh, and I already mounted the board. Oh well, thanks again.

@redocbew finally got around to it, and indeed, getting in from the back of the motherboard it was trivial to move the standoff. Thanks for the help.

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Yeah, SuperMicro really likes these plastic locking-peg standoffs… really wish they’d stop putting them on everything, because they suck to work with in comparison to just putting a threaded insert on the board.