H105 power/speed

I have a corsair h105 and control it with msi command center(g45 z87).

I was wondering about speed and voltage of the pump, since it's connected as a fan, command center will ramp up the speed if the cpu gets hotter. SO:

Are fans controlled digitally or does the motherboard increase the power?

If the mobo sends more power, is there a desired speed/will the pump get damaged if it gets too much/too little power?

corsair units pump's only run at one speed (around 2.200rpm) make shure the pump is geting the full 12v's.

The fans are the only thing you can change.

You should realy be useing the Corsair Link Software with the unit you can find the newest vershon here --> http://forum.corsair.com/forums/showthread.php?t=125350