I've been looking into closed loop liquid cooling solutions and I have narrowed it down to a Corsair h100i, I would like some reviews if anyone owns one. I'm hoping to upgrade my Cooler Master N520 for better cooling performance thats silent. Any ideas?

Personally I love the H100i and think its a great buy if you want proformance if you can deal with the little noise it makes. I like it because of the upgraded rubber tubing compared to the H100, plus the default fans that come with it are great with 62 CFM and 2300 RPM (not for sure on RPM) you cant get much better. I hope this helps a little.

It also comes with the corsair link software that lets you control the fan speed and what not.

I hate CLCs. They are weak, are non-upgradable (save the H220), and are generally overpriced. If they spring a leak, it is unlikely that your damaged hardware will be replaced. For less money, you can get a massive heatsink that will cool the processor much more effectively. A Phanteks PH-TC14PE performs better than an H100i, and is about $30-40 cheaper. At 5.0gHz 1.41V, my 3770k, cooled by the stock Phanteks PH-TC14PE, maxes at 75 degrees C under IntelBurnTest small FFT. Great cooler, better than a CLC, cheaper. If I ever go watercooling, which I plan on doing this summer, I am doing a REAL loop; fully custom with the highest quality components. Bitspower fittings, EK blocks, Alphacool rads - all in a Case Labs case. I see no point in mucking around with CLCs when I have a better cooler now, and will be going custom loop later :|

Ok i ran Intelburn test v2.54 on max with my 3.5ghz 3770k and the most i hit was 72, and that was for core 1 and 2. my cpu stayed at a nice and cool 42 degrees C. so sorry but i still trust my watercooler than a big heatsink.

But, the Phanteks is giving me better temps at a 1.5gHz OC over yours. And for less money...

Well honestly i find overclocking unstable and kida stupid. i mean im not saying everyone should stop doing it i just think that for a casual gamer who just runs everything at maxx settings there is no reason to have that much OC or any for that matter.

Thats one of my prime concerns with closed loop cooling, i am going to definitally check for defective tubing before it gets anywhere near my case, I do want to see pics of your custom loop though lol, those generally look awesome if they're done right. The only thing keeping me from upgrading to a custom loop is the maintaince(I work all the time and i'm in college so im pressed for time as it is). I figured for $110 on newegg, it was a nice, quiet way to tidy things up in my case, the N520 is great but massive, and I have the room for a CLC so I thought i'd give it a try, if it goes haywire for some reason i'll let RTW know to be cautious of that route.

I personally are more scared of custom watercooling systems because if that gets messed up and spills all over your hardware, its your fault. at least with a closed loop mass manufactured WC system if it springs a leak you could somewhat blame the manufacturer.