H100i push-pull in Corsair 200r

Will it fit with a standard atx motherboard?

I did a bunch or research on the H100i and posted it here:


Unfortunately I didn't list or keep any of my sources. I remember seeing one person that used zip ties to get his H100i into a 200R, but it looked pretty jankity. As I said in the other thread, if you wanted to put the radiator inside the case and the fans exposed on the top, that would probably work. As for push-pull? I know you won't be able to fit it all inside the case, and I am very doubtful that it would work even with the pull fans on the outside.

Here is a Hardware Canucks video that shows a 240mm rad not fitting:


To clarify the first line *I did a bunch of research on the H100i fitting in the 200R*

That sucks, do you know of any budget cases that would allow me to put the H100I in there?

When you say budget, what exact price point are you thinking of? I'm only familiar with US prices, so if you're outside the US I won't be entirely sure.