H100i Push or pull?

Hey can someone give me some help, not sure how much difference it makes but should I go with push or pull with my H100i for an FX 8350. I want the least heat as I plan to overclock to 5Ghz.....chip permiting haha. Any help in explaining the difference apart from the very basics which I think I know would be helpful. Thanks

Really not much difference between push or pull . With pull its much less effort to keep your rad clean.

Use push, and then maybe install additional fans on the other side of the radiator at a later time. Hopefully your chassis will allow for that. You could always mount the fans in pull externally.

I don't think there is much of a difference between push/pull and push pull. Maybe 5 degrees celcius.

I think a fan sandwich is appropriate, for this level of overclock. Lower overclocks wouldn't warrant it. I think 5 degrees is quite a good rate of return, for the small cost of the additional fans. It's not like the ANtec Lanboy, where populating all 11-15 fan mounts yields a 2 degree improvement.

Well if he is using sp120's or nf-f12's he will see that 5 degree improvement but if he is using just cheap ol fans he wont see it.

I have to admit that I thought the fan sandwich would matter more than that. It's not too costly to get a couple of decent fans to push minimum temps a bit further.

I am using SP120 and AF120 on my system, the case is a Corsair 300r....therefore I dont have room to have push pull :\

Maybe $50 for some sp120's or $100 or so for some noctuas. I don't see the point in wasting that much money for a couple of degrees.

Well, since I can only get push or pull on the case, push or pull and i think with this level of OC'ing doesnt every degrees count

Every degrees does count but if you have to spend more money to get it i wouldn't worry.

So push or pull ??

I would say push.


There's no difference between push or pull as far as cooling performance goes. I would go with pull because you won't have to take the fans off in order to clean the radiator if you do it that way. All you have to do is take a vaccuum cleaner to the exposed radiator and you're done cleaning.

You will get slightly better performance with push/pull, but it's only probably going to be by a couple of degrees.

It depends. If it's top-mounted and exhaust, go for pull. It's just as good as push but easier to clean.
If it's an Intake, go for push. Obviously. 

Its will be mounted on the top of the Corsair 300r, and i am moding the case to have 3 x AF120 on the front (if not 2 of them). And one of these on the back, so theres plenty of air going to be in the case, and i will have to take the H100 of to hoover so not much more work to take of the fans hahaha. I am mainly looking for a performance increase with either one, if i gained 2 degrees but having push then the small amount of work more increases performance and in my mind its worth it.....but if theres no performance increase with either, i will go for pull i think

I don't even think that much