H100i Pump problem - NEED HELP ASAP

So, I bought a H100i put it in and fired up my PC. I'm getting temps of 100c so, everything looks fine and plugged in correctly. I really need help, the booklet is as useful as a crusty turd.

Is the pump not making any noise what so ever or is it insanely loud? also, just making sure here, but you did use thermal paste, and correctly? As in a small dot in the middle and don't spread it.

dont let it stay at that temp. your radiator could explode.

made sure to connect the pump to power? and the fan for the radiator for power? put your hand on the pump if you can, can you feel it working? did you tighten down the waterblock good enuf?

The pump is not working, just the LED. All cables are in correctly. 

What CPU? If it is a shitty intell, delid it. If it is AMD or good intell, lap it. Then come back.


did you connect the pump power to a fan header on the motherboard or to your  PSU 12v rail?

If a pump isn't working with everything attached, RMA the cooler.

if the pump is not working. solved. good going tek

CPU is 8350. Power cables are in. You guys think I should just get a replacement? 

yes. unless you got the know how, the replacement parts, and a go getter attitude to fix the pump.

Have you made shure the fans are actualy blowing or pulling air through the rad and not pushing air away from it?

Ive seen silly mistakes like this before and mistakes where someone tryed to set up push pull and had the fans both side's blowing air in to the rad makeing it boiling hot...