H100i possibly broken?

So I've had my build together for about 4 months and everything's been running swimmingly. I've had a stable 4.6 Ghz OC on my 4670k for a while now and its never overheated or crashed (stress tested with Aida64 for 12 hours). About a week ago my computer began to crash (windows 8.1 for reference) when playing titanfall and I just figured it was a bug in the game and no big deal. I soon realized that my cpu was overheating so I turned up my two fans. The problem kept occuring so I turned the cpu down to 4.5 and the issue still occured. Today I turned the cpu down to 4.0 and it was still hot (although I rebooted right after a failure at 4.5 with the new change of 4.0) I booted into windows and my h100i had a glowing yellow light which freaked me out because I had it set to red and corsair link shower it as red so I immediately turned off my pc and looked up an answer. I ddidn't find anything so can someone please help I really need some

does the  pump still spinning?

Yes the pump is still fully functional according to corsair link


Touch the pump while its on to see if you can feel the small vibration of the pump running. What kind of mb do you have?


I touched both the tubes when this was occuring one was moderately cool the other was really warm is the pump on the h100i on the cpu block itself? If it is then ill have to check for the vibration and I have a Asus Z87-pro V-edition

Yes, i think with those its on the cpu block. Also make sure the pump is plugged into the cpu fan header.

What were your max temps and voltage on your overclock before you lowered and what is your voltage at now? I would try setting the cpu to default settings and see if the problem persists, if it does try reseating the water block with new thermal paste. 

When I first overclocked it to 4.6 my max temps were around 77 on all cores during aida64 and the voltage was set to 1.25. Now I have it set to 4.0 with 1.2 volts