H100i GTX failing, replace or aircool?

looks like im asking alot of advice on these forums and what i get is great.

now my latest problem i need advice on is this. my h100i gtx is failing and is no longer sold in my country on websites i trust =/.

my pump is making a horrible grinding sound and even if i rma i would need to replace my cooler and since i got a 6700k with no cooler i need to buy something.

should i go air cooling? since my case is just 1 big ice box with all the cooling fans i have currently? i live in australia and summer gets hot, i have a 4.5ghz cpu that hits about 50c at max load on the h100i.

you may be able to get a stock cooler on the cheap but would have to dial back your oc, another option is evo212 or equivilant, its always nice to have a back up i think

would i see any great temp rises going air from what i get now?

I think so but am not familiar with skylake, can you still rma your h100? you may get an upgrade out of it

yes. mostly the delta on the idle, but yes it will be hotter. the only reason we started using water in the first place is it works better.

yea. in a perfect world i would just rma the h100i and sell it when it returns, then put that money into a basic cpu and gpu loop. but im broke i barely paid for my current rig and didnt expect the h100i to die or start dying so fast. air would be my best option in the end.

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corsair has a fairly decent rma policy. they even pay for you non corsair products if the water cooler leaks and destroys parts. yes it'll take 1-3 weeks, but i would just do it. when you paid for it you also paid for it to work a minimum 2 or 3 years(idr exact figure). in the mean time i would turn off the OC and get a cheap air cooler so you have a working pc.