h100 smoking

I was switching my computer case from a Switch 810 into a new Fractal R4. I had everything set up and fired it on and watched inside the case to make sure everything was going as planned.

The base of my H100 popped and then immediately started smoking. So I shut it off super quick, all my wiring was right so I turned it on again getting ready to flip the switch off, but it worked perfectly fine this time and my temps didn't seem to rise so I figured it was working. I don't feel safe using this computer at all right now and I wanted your guys input of what I should do.



Mr Andy.

Smoke is never good. Don't use that H100. Get an RMA immediately, conact Corsair now. Get your money back, ora  new unit (preferably your money back). Don't deal with that.

Also, move this to cooling, please. Not Inbox.EXE content.


Hopefully they let me RMA it, I've had it over a year. I guess I'll go back to air cooling. 

Can anyone recommend any really good air coolers that are also quiet?

Sorry, It has been moved. 

The Noctua air coolers that Logan reviewed in his recent video seems to be one of the best in it's pricerange. Super quiet, good temps and has nothing but good reviews. 

Don't worry about it ;)

As for air coolers, get a Noctua NH-D14. Usually beats the H100i in performance, and is very quiet.

pretty much anything noctua.

the xigmatek dark knight is also very good along with the thermalright silver arrow. <-- linus really likes this one.

And the Phanteks PH-TC14PE at lower RPMs.


I would think the pop and somke would have been the protective diode at the bottom of the board poping and realising its magic smoke! 

If anything else had blown ithe pump would not carry on working. 

I'm thinking of going back to air for a front room build, and will probably go Noctua or Phanteks PH-TC14PE

Well, it’s good to know they throw some protection in there. Did you have one die out on you as well?

Definitely not going to trust this thing. I’m going to order a new cooler tomorrow.. 

I haven’t even heard of the Phanteks before, those things look awesome, and huge. I’m going to have to watch some reviews on those tonight. 

Looks like I'll either be going with a Noctua or a Phanteks, Probably the Noctua, I like that fact that It comes in a 120mm size. Thanks for all the help and suggestions everybody. 

Mr Andy. 

Just noticed the Phanteks come in 120mm as well... Now I really don't know which to get. 

was it smoke, with burning smell or was it just dust? :)

There was without a doubt a burning smell lol. 

There is a 5year warranty on the H100

Look at it this way when you buy a Phanteks you need to buy better fans (there loud) when you buy a noctua you allready get triple a fans with it....just something to consider

Purchased the Noctua U12S this morning :) Read reviews about the Phanteks fans and how they were loud, I also read that you had to install them with the fans pointing upwards on AMD systems, which is what I use so I'm pretty happy I went with the Noctua. 

Nope, just yours exploding made me wonder what circuitry was in them, and just how safe they were considering they have the possibility of destroying so much hardware in a short space of time......so hunted down some gut shots.

(was kind of impressed with what they have done with the H100, considering all the corners they could have cut) 

I read that on a few of the reviews on newegg, that's the reason I didn't get it.