H100 mounting question (Airflow)

I am currently building my first PC. Even though it is probably not needed, here are my specs-

  • Intel i7 3770k Quad core processor
  • Asus P8Z77-V Pro motherboard
  • 16GB corsair vengeance RAM
  • Nvidia GTX 680 4GB
  • NZXT Phantom 820 Full tower case
  • NZXT 1000W Gold certified PSU


My question is with my cooler, the Corsair H100. Since the 820 is so big, it seems I can only mount it to the top. What configuration would be the best for airflow? I was thinking pulling in from the top and pushing out on the bottom and sides but that seems illogical as hot air rises. If I were to take in from the bottom and sides and push out the top, would the H100 be as efficient?

If you can wait a little bit the NZXT Phantom 630 is god damn amazing from what im seeing.  Im trying to currently hold my build for that case as well as some other parts that were brought out at CES.  The NZXT rep stated that we would be seeing the case for sale any day now ( two or three weeks and the statement was made on Jan 9th ish )  So many different mounting options for a plethora of radiators top bottom front its really nice!


( I know I know its Linus but the review of the case is decent )