H100 fan-ctrl died, want to mod it or fix it (HELP Wanted)


So my H100 fan controller (not the pump) seems to have died. The fans doesn't spin, LEDs don't light up, button doesn't react. I've tried doing that 1 minute/ 5 sec button press reset process with no luck. Anyone have any other advice to try to fix it. Otherwise, anyone take apart an H100? I was thinking of cramming an Arduino and some LEDs.

Option 1 - If warranty is still valid just rma it - its a pretty common fault and you may score a h100i as a replacement.

Option 2 - Just run the fans off a motherboard header or molex. Its better like that anyways.

Option 3 - Its easy enough to take apart the h100 the outer casing comes off with very little work - be aware though that the warranty will be void. Head here for an in-depth look inside. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?277795-CORSAIR-H100-Inside-The-Block-And-Pump-Preview 

1: warrenty is gone

2: going to after I mod it (assuming it can't be fixed)

3: thanks for the link I was wondering how to open it without exposing the fluid


So I took it apart it seems there's a component on the logic board that gets really hot. It's between capacitors C2 and C4 and it's right next to the wires of the incoming voltage.

Also the motor has 3 wires VCC, GND, FG. Anyone have a clue about FG? and the temperature sensor has only 2 pins, Any clue on how to get reading from it?

fan controller


Update: looks like 5v and GND shorted, but I can't find the source of the short (already removed all the capacitors.)


At this point I'm thinking the board is beyond repair. If anyone could help me with the motor pin out, that would be appreciated.