Hardest shit since the Norse discovered guitars and doublebass.

They do it for the satirical lulz, but they still come off as badass (Oh, and old shit is old.)

fuck, i wish i could go to a gwar show. if anyone ever goes be sure to wear plenty of white clothes to show off all the blood youll get covered in.

Meh I could have went to one last month... Played here with Kingdom of Sorrow... Sadly it was 18+. (Of course)

Funny, I went and saw GWAR last month with Kingdom of Sorrow and Toxic Holocaust. And yes I got COVERED in fake blood via a false McCain, Obama, and Hillary Clinton (who got her boobies ripped off).

I saw gwar like 4 times in Petaluma california.


they're pretty epic, I have a shit stained like fuck in osama bin laden and a giant dinosaur's blood