GW2 TekSndicate Server

Since a few of you on TekSyn are getting GW2 I figured that It would be a good idea if we had a home server that everyone joins so that we could all play together if we wanted. The server that I picked out is called Sanctum of rall. Post your username here if you are playing or are planning on getting the game. It would be great to get a group of us together on one server. We could have loads of fun.

my name in game is malarkyy

Me and Malarky will be running the TekSundicate Guild on this server.  As a moderator on this site i'm going to try to make this our official GuildWars 2 guild for Teksyndicate.  As it grows we will have elections for officers ( you must be top level) and any outraking admins on the Tek can take control from me a Malarky ;) just need to ask

Cool idea! My IGN is Hulk Form Lemon

Currently not sure which server I'm going to settle on, but its free to switch for the moment. If you have already set up the guild throw me an invite any time! 


Id love a Plr TF2 server, the only ones i can find are with the stupid premium addon.

Well like i said we r on Sanctum of Rall! join us when we hit about 40 and we are accustomed to the game the guild will be going live!~