GW2 Headstart Launch Live Stream

Some of you on here may be familiar with me, and some of you may not. I've been streaming video games since early 2009 on what was the gaming section of JustinTV, which has turned into a website all on it's own now known as TwitchTV. Ever since I was very young, I've always enjoyed having someone watch as I played a video game. No idea why, just have. I'd try to drag my dad or my brothers into the room so they can sit there bored out of their minds as I play Jurassic Park on Sega Genesis for the nine-thousandth time.

Anyway, enough with the childhood memories. I've been anticipating the release of GW2 for almost as long as I have been streaming. I will be streaming the moment of the servers going live on the 25th, and intend on playing through out the night. I would love for anyone in this community that is interested to hang out in my chat.

Watching live streams is a great way to help make up your mind about a game if you're on the fence about purchasing it. Trailers will always try to make a game look good, and people that are paid to give the game a good score.

To watch an average Joe/Jane play a game in a live, uncut video feed is the next best thing to first hand experience. So if you're unsure, or if you're as eager as I am, feel free to come stop by. I always love talking and laughing with the chat. The more the merrier!

Channel is here.

I post and tweet the moment I go live.

Ever thought of uploading the streams to youtube or something? So that people who miss them can watch them later?

The past broadcasts are automatically and permanently archived here

Oh, I see. I don't use twitch much, so I didn't know how it works.

I followed, you guys can see my channel here, it's new so it needs somw work.