Guys my first pc build

Hey guys, I just bought a few parts for my new computer because my last computer was a pretty crappy one it's one of those pc's you get at best buy. Well anyways I'll get to the point. Here's what I got. I also have a question but put it at the end of my post.

My part list I bought today.

Motherboard: GIGABYTE GA Z77X-UD3H

CPU: INTEL i5 3570K

CPU Cooler: Cooler Master Hyper EVO 212

RAM: Corsair Vengeance LP 16GB 1600MHz

SSD: Crucial M4 128GB

PSU: Corsair HX1050

Chassis: Cooler Master Storm Trooper

Anyways I wasn't sure what GPU I should get. There's just too many but I wanna get one where I won't have to upgrade for the next 6-12 months. I plan on using this just play games and the "usual guy stuff". I have also have some other things like a extra harddrive, dvd drive, ect, ect.

However my problem is that after I finishing putting together the computer but I don't have windows. (I forgot to buy it because I don't have the disk =(..) I get a black screen asking for me to select a boot drive does that mean I need to get windows? I know it's kind of answering my question but I just wanted to know if I didn't screw up. Sorry for writing to much I wanted to make it concise but yeah... OH yeah I forgot that it doesn't bring me into the bios.


Well a 1050Watt PSU is overkill. With that CPU and any high end GPU you'd only really need a 500W-600W.

GPU wise look for something like a 660Ti or a 7870 as they are good mid range GPUs that have alot of performance per buck.

If you are wishing to install windows to the SSD you will need the disks. And possibly a new license depending if your other computer has an OEM or Retail License.

If you have the HDD from the other Computer plugged in just select to boot from that for the time being.

On the gigabyte boards you need to continually tap the Delete or F2 Key, when you power the machine on to enter the bios. Boards do not by default take you into the bios, you should ONLY change settings within the BIOS if YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING  Many things can be broken both temporary and pernamently within the bios.

You'll have to get windows.  Either buy it or some other means of obtaining it.  Then you'll have to install it.  I'm sure there are many youtube videos on how to install windows after you get it!

As for GPU, probably a Radeon 7950 or Geforce 660Ti.

Otherwise the parts you've already bought look fine and you bought them already anyways so there's nothing more to say about that.

Thanks for the fast reply guys! Well this is my first time so I was just pretty much hyped up for the majority of stuff that I bought at the computer shop today. Anyways I was concidering the EVGA GTX 660 Ti FTW but I was worried that I might get jipped on buying something that is unnessary like that excessive as well expensive psu.. Anyways I'm excited.

I'm planning to pick to pick that a videocard later today.

I don't have my old computer anymore I just gave that one to my little brother so I need a fresh windows anyways.. I think. Well I'm not very savvy I with all this computer stuff. You guys are really awesome for those quick answers. Thank you very much!

Get a 7950 or 7970. The 660ti has low memory bandwith. 

You can get a 7870 which is cheaper than the 660ti and you will get similar performance. If you wan't to go nvidia then I would get atleast a gtx 670.

Is it really that much of a diffence if it has low bandwith memory? Can you explain a little more it's kind of vague when people bring up to diffirent company's technology.

I mean I only plan on really playing games and just watching YouTube on one monitor. Anyways I'll just look up reviews on these videocards its just so much numbers and acronyms its just kind of confuses me. The only thing I kind of get is the generalization of the higher the part number the better is?... lol.

7870 is actually a better choice for single monitor performance in terms of value.  Almost the same performance for like $100 less.

i wouldnt say it has similar performance, since the 7870 completely outperforms the 660Ti

Hey guy's I'm stuck again.. When I boot up my pc it loads for a few seconds (I tried pressing F2, F7, F8, 12 and all that other stuff but doesn't do anything.) then just brings me to "reboot and select proper boot device" I tried putting in the Window's CD but it just doesn't do anything just repeats the same thing.. I'm really lost did I screw up anything? I put my SSD in the SATA3 and DVD drive into SATA2 and it's not really changing anything. 

How do I fix this?!? PLEASE, I really really need your guy's help.

You need to enter your BIOS and set your cdrom as a boot device, it may not be set as a boot device by default.

Consult your manual to see exactly how to do such a thing.

Then you start the computer WITH the windows CD in the drive already, then you follow the onscreen stuff.  If you want a video walkthrough I'm sure Youtube has plenty of videos on how to install windows.

Wow, yeah I just resorted to actually read the manual. Thank you jeffrly and all the other guys who helped and suggested parts. I have one more problem though... Sorry ^^;;

I read the part on how to install my ram sticks but for some reason it's not letting use my 16gb's of ram, it says on my system information that it registers 16gb but is only using 3GB's.. Did I do something wrong again? It's like this  very frustrating but very rewarding when I do overcome "nub" pc building obstacles.

Do I have to update my software? Will that fix this? I'm sorry for posting too much it just I feel that I'm asking too much.

Did you purchase a 32Bit windows? Check the outside of the CD packaging , most likely that is why you only have 3gb of useable space.

wait a second


BUT uses only 3GB?

are u sure its not just the amount that windows uses out of all?

sorry but u need to be a bit more clearer on ur words