Gunz The Second Duel? oshux dewd lulz

did anyone ever play Gunz back in 2004 or have played it anytime from then-now? i played that "free" game like a fuckin crack addict for 2 years straight lolol (official site) (article)

apparently they've been in production with the second game since last year, when north america was getting their own version of gunz.

it had many many many MANY problems with it, but was still so fucking addicting for people such as myself that couldn't afford to go out and get every nice game like a hl2, tf 2, COD1-4, battlefield series, etc etc back then. (and now lol)

i finally quit sometime last year, but after being a huge fan of the first game, i definitely can't wait for this one.

i never liked the first one lol



lolol shit was fun before we found out why no one was dying when we'd shoot them.


I played that shit back in my PSO:BB days

FUCK that wuz a long time ago

I didnt know there was a sequel rofl

EDIT: In the absence of a decent computer and seeing as how im using a laptop with intel EXTREME graphics i have been playing this



PSOBB Also Fails

PSOPC and PSOX Was where it was at. :)

PSOBB was fun as fuck

I have every pso game except universe lol

I even have ps1-3


Universe was fun, but its meh. I was first to Lvl cap on Xbox. And I hacked the shit out of PC and Xbox PSO. I prefer That over BB though

lol i wouldn't of played gunz much if i had money to buy shit lol.. it was fun when it first came out though and learning how to do shit. but then my cousin quit and went to MAPLESTORY lololololol

i joined him there and played that for awhile, shit was fun too.

rofl yeah everyone hacked pso. I hated all the console pso except DC and GC

maplestory was always gay

I remember a LOOOOONG ass time ago i used to play this game called gunbound

that shit wuz fun when i was 12


I hate psu more than anything.

Nah, Everyone used Broomfags Trainers* I actually made my own ^^

I hate people who hack pso, no offense

I had like EVERY uber and all of them had like 45+ hit


lolol gunbound was fun for battle.

that mech game you linked, i think it was that fucking game i wanted to play when i saw it in hella korean. but i never found out what it was....... UNTIL NOW. not gonna play it though lol

i just give up on pc gaming until i build that computer..


I've just been playing Condition Zero and 1.6 since my other pc died and I sure as fuck cant run HL2:DM on this pos rofl

BTW if anyone has CZ or 1.6 hit me up and lets fucking play

i got addicted to the gunz for like 5 months, but i grew really tired of having to go in the site,log in, waitthru all that crap, launch game, wait more, find a server where ppl dont actually hack, then finally play lol.

lol ijji was fail.

gunz was fun back when there weren't premiums and we were playing the international beta for like 2 years. lolollolol

lol I was playing on a compaq with a pentium 3 800 mhz 512 mb of sdram and an ati rage 128 pro

I wuz ballin.

Gunz is pretty cool. I play it occasionally.

K styler for the win..

bah, can't sleep.

@otaku loooooooool that's some tuff shit right there. i used to play on a p3 or p4 (can't remember) with the same ram but a geforce FX 5500 or 5600..(AGP LULZ) which ever was a real video card.

@pinoy, yes kstyle was the only style to play. there were only like 3 good knife players lol.. (old school though, i don't know who tf even plays anymore)

lol yeah I thought my computer was god back then

That was right when the P4s came out D: