Guns Of Icarus 75% off, proceeds go to charity

Guns of Icarus is only $3.74 right now, or $7.49 for a 4-pack. This game is epic. You guys should all go buy a 4 pack now, and spread the love of steampunk and cannon fire.

Also 20% of the sales are going to charities, so what are you waiting for?

I have this and have had for about 6 moths but I have not been able to play it as I don't have a reliable crew. I would love to get some people in and play a game. Seems like huge fun.

Yeah its really a game to play with friends not solo. Thats why the 4 pack is such an epic deal. I already had the game, and I bought the 4 pack anyways just so I can give it to my friends who are too cheap to try new games

Please everyone buy this so that we can have all the crews going

Picked up a 4-pack, still have two copies left for anyone who wants one.