Guns, civil rights, open carry, and all the crap that stupid people do

If you're a gun owner, great. In preface I don't have a problem with guns. They're cool. FN is my favorite company, open carry is neat, whatever. My point in this post is to vent on the stupid shit people do and how it pisses me off.

To preface with a video.

Now one day I was looking stuff up about open carry and these sorts of video's pop up. Very neat that people want to express the law and what they think of it.

This group specifically, being in detroit and potentially being treated as a gang but talking to people with questions and even giving out pamphlets. Its SMART, what they did. The first guy however I think goated the locals into making that video happen.

There are lots of video's like the first one. I could find 20 of them with all the comments going "ZOMGWTF EVUL QOPS #MEAN" and all that shit. Then, the second video up there with a group trying to educate the masses.

So in the first one I put in the comments, I quote, "Just because you can doesn't mean you should. You have to think of other people outside of you. A pistol is probably ok. A rifle? No, I wouldn't have done that." and obviously that started up a rattler I wasn't expecting.

As it seems, people like to make controversy where there doesn't need to be any. After I saw the first video I went and looked up whatever I could about that whole situation and the guy "was just out for a walk" in the same 3 block area of the church that video is in front of. Now, whatever he wanted to represent doesn't matter to me. He is walking around with a rifle and a big ass pistol as church gets out with only one other person who is not practicing a second amendment act. He is doing this by himself and is surprised when the cops ask "Hey whats going on here?" and tries to get the internet to make him feel better.

With the second video its a demo reel they have on their site that they host on YT. They go up to people, they ask, the people ask, all goes on. They chat shit to each other and go into stores and shit and talk politely. The police act as they should, cautious, in that situation because its not the norm. However in detroit that is a valid threat. To somefuckplace Pennsylvania that is so out of character it scares anyone.

My argument is if you're going to do open carry, do not do it by yourself. A) That is a stupid idea and people will call the police. B) when you're asked shit and you don't know the exact wording of the law you could easily get arrested if you act like a dick because you have a gun and you could be a potential threat. C) DON'T BE A DICK ABOUT IT.

Not suprising...

Only takes a few bad eggs to spoil everything for the rest of us.
I have no desire to open carry, I can see were it would be convenient such as if I were hunting in cold weather and had a bunch of gear on. I wouldn't take that right away from anyone, but what the fuck happened to common courtesy?


Sounds like social justice warriors of the 2nd amendment fan camp.

I'm a gun owner and big on the second amendment, but all groups have social justice warriors, people who blow stuff up more so for their own vindication or attention and not so much in a logical, open manner and/or without as deep a conviction about the issue at hand as say a more educated and experienced individual.

I'm with you, those vids are super annoying, and IMO do nothing to help gun rights. There should be videos that show making laws tighter (I live in California) does nothing- has no effect on criminals getting high capacity fully automatic weapons, it only hurts law abiding citizens. Meaning the black market offers such easy access to 'ghost' guns, I'm actually on the side that says arm more people to be safer as our situation is very different than say a country like England, Japan, Australia etc-- we need to enable the sheep dogs, not treat them like the wolves. I have a clean record, am a vet and have a secret clearance but its near impossible to have a conceal carry, but I can be at any given crowded venue here in Los Angeles and who knows how many convicted felons are within the crowd concealed carrying... the 'who knows' part is interesting, one could probably ingest various LAPD crime data/arrests with other big data and actually get a good estimate of the illegal gun carrying propensity at various places, times and events-- at the end, it sucks to be a sheep here.

Open carry is dumb

Especially when it is done by people who look like they have never showered in their life and walk out of their trailer in nasty clothes carrying rifles at low ready.


Haven't watch the videos, but I"m sure the guy is an idiot. Open carrying to me is an idiotic thing to do period as it makes you a target and a liability more so than an asset to public safety. I only conceal carry, and only carry concealed when my clothes make it invisible to wear the weapon (S&W Shield 9mm. Easy to do with an ITWB alien gear holster.)

The extreme gun nuts are a terrible group of people just as any other (insert phrase here) nut, be they leftist or rightists.


I think in a group of people making a political point open carry is fine, but carry it on the back, not like you're ready to shoot at any moment, because you shouldn't be, the object in those situations is to show how nice and un-scary we gun people and our guns are.

Open carry is a stupid move defensively. Then the bad guy knows you have a gun, you lose any element of surprise, and they can get the jump on you. Guns literally get stolen by dudes who just walk up to an open carrier and the perp already has their gun drawn so the open carrier just has to let it go. You can't outdraw someone who has a gun already pointed at you... unless you're Clint Eastwood apparently.

Having said that, cops should be appropriately trained not to freak out necessarily. I don't really intend to ever open carry outside of a farm or gun range, maybe for some planned political thing.

I'm glad to see this type of response from some of the members I know are active gun owners. That shit is dumb. Like the arguments previously in Texas- those dudes who went into an Applebee's or something with their rifles, and got mad when people were freaked out. I don't think the family was thinking dinner time out on the town included a bunch of randos with visible rifles. Applebee's is not a gun range. You can't just bring guns to random places (especially where they are not traditionally accepted) and think that no one will be upset.

I don't think you should try and fight for gun rights with open carry. It just makes us legit gun owners look like morons who don't understand what they're doing. It makes it seem a lot more dangerous. I've been around guns my whole life and no one in my family has ever thought of bringing a rifle out in public, besides the range.
Neighborhoods like Detroit are not an exception to the rule either. You just look like a bunch of dudes out with rifles. Doesn't matter what you're trying to convey, it looks like a threat.

This is why I'm more into concealed carry, as long as people understand the concealed part of the statement. I see so many people at places like the grocery store with their pistol out plain as day for all to see- very dumb. You're trying to show us your dick, but in reality, if someone goes to rob/stick up the place, they're coming after you first. Un-holstered dummies are my favorite, its like they think they are Clint Eastwood.

I have friends and family that carry, but you would never know because its not something you announce to others, unless you're a passenger or something.

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You know it

Responsible gun owner > gun owner


No offence but Murican weapon laws are dumb, they were stated to protect against the british, not some imaginary zombie invasion.
I highly doubt the british are invading you guys again, so you really have no need to "protect" yourself against them.
America has the single highest shooting deaths, maybe tailing behind syria atm though, in the whole world. It is time to wake up and smell the roses. Zombies aren't coming, and the british aren't invading.
And don't even get me started on the high school shootings.
You invest billions in the world largest military to feel safe, why would a few "hand guns", make a difference?.

Because I like my 10mm pistol and my 50AE. Because I like the novelty FN has and how simple and clean it is. Because I help my grandfather collect classic rifles that are gold encased and are worth as much as the house I live in if not more. Because I have a different view on self defense than a lot of people here would.

People always jump into SHOOT THE FUCKER HEE HEE HURR IMMA DUMBASS BANGITY BANG I LUV MAI AK74 DURR in america, where I like 5/7 type weapons but I would only use Baton Rounds in the home. Most would probably just have light grain. I would have a baton round in a .40 and it's still enough to knock you on your ass but it won't hurt anyone in most circumstances.

Gun owners in america are self important little pricks. Its a source of power to them, rather than a tool. Though there is a feel of godly supremacy in a 50AE pistol... I'm still not going to walk around like a retard with it on me all the time.

Anyone should be allowed to endulge in their loves. You're on a technology forum and saying this about guns. Think about North Korea where the same laws in Britain or Germany for guns are applied to Computers and Phones.

Theres a reason America is what it is.

I was at a training class once. The instructor went up to a person, disarmed him before he even realized, took the gun (a fake blue gun for safety reasons), put it to his head and shot him all in about the span of 5 seconds.

Nothing will give you a wake up call like being shot with your own gun. Lack of training and especially open carry makes that quite easy.

Well that is a sweeping generalization. But yeah some of them it is.

See above statement.

Actually that right is to ensure the Government doesn't have a monopoly on force. And, to remove tyrants both fogien and domestic.


Since this is an opinion thread I'll give my 2 cents.

I like guns, I own guns, and I will fight for your right to own guns under the constitution, but in the same breath I will say, Open Carry, Assault Rifles, and High Capacity Magazines are stupid and unnecessary unless you are in some war torn part of the world. The NRA is full of shit and intentionally stokes the fires in order to profit off violence. And finally, anyone who takes their assault rifle with them to Burger King is a dumb cunt looking for attention or looking to start trouble.

Please go away.


Remember; everyone is free to throw in their opinion but if such opinion turns into nothing but a 13 year old's personal attack against other members, that is NOT how you debate.


But what if I wanna buy nerf guns and whinge about it on the internet?

You make a video about your whining and post it to Youtube, just like what other 13 year olds do on Youtube; post a video asking people to stop calling them names and disliking their video because they are on Youtube to be special like celebrities /s

But anyway, I'm derailing the topic here. Let's get back on topic.


Those videos of people open carrying always irked me... there's no reason for it unless if there is a war going on on US soil. Open carry in a time of peace for the sake of walking around your neighborhood or a populated area is a display of both arrogance and ignorance.