Gundam! Its back and better than ever!

On the SyFy chennel previously SciFi Gundam 00 shows on monday nights as part of ani-monday. This series is awesom. Please note that is is season 2 but bandai entertainment has put season one on youtube in English dub. Heres a link to season 1:

Yeah, I saw it on the Sci-Fi channel before, I really think Cable should have it's own dedicated Anime Channel. Anime is popular in the United States, and I don't see why they can't recognize that....

I'll check the show out once it finishes it's run.

The show was to confusing for me LOL~~~

Dubbed Gundam
Oh dear god kill me.

when you're done can you kill me too?

If you were a true anime watcher u would already seen it in subbed a long time ago. But Yes Gundam 00 is basically the best one out the series of gundam.

dubbed anime

Even I dont like dubbed anime.. gross

Hmm, I like some dubbed anime, but I also like subbed.

Only Yu Yu Hakusho dubbed is watchable for me, since I grew up on it.

and DBZ ;P (not a big fan of the jap sub version.)

Dubbed Anime and Japanese Video Games FTL I can not watch any Anime dubbed it makes my ears bleed after 2 seconds.

I also liked Rioni Kention and i know i butchered that. But out of the Gundam shows i like Gundam Seed and Gundam Seed Destiny the best.

^ Was that supposed to be Ruroni Kenshin? because you more than butchered it.