Guitar Thread anyone?

First thing I learned how to play was the intro to The Unforgiven…

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this boi plays some fire

[mustache intensifies]

He have nothing on my moustache… But this ain’t sexy moustache thread…

pics (in roast thread) or it isnt real

I’m shy…


Cool thread! I’ve been playing guitar for almost 20 years, mainly classical, but do also have a Gibson les Paul and some different Marshall stuff. Besides that the last couple of years I have played a lot of Swedish folkemusic on a 5-stringed banjo…

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I have been playing since I was 15 or 16 off and on. I cannot read music and mostly play by ear. I bought Rocksmith but have not had time to take the 30 day challenge, got 3days into it.

I have a Squire Strat Affinity with GK2A-H with Roland GR-33, Roland G-707 and GR-700, Ibanez IMG-2010 X-ing with synth unit, and a Steinberger 5-String Left-Hand Bass.

Mostly play synth backing, rhythm, and synth bass. In the next year I should have heaps of free time to properly learn the guitar. Mostly love Metal and Synth Rock.

Mehh, started playing last year in june, now I feel that I understand 30% of theory and know to play 2 modes, few blues and metal songs, but nothing spectacular.
I regret not starting earlier, cuz am 25 and I feel old af FeelsBadMan

32 here. been playing off and on for a long time but still have toddler skillz :feelsbadman:

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I wanted to say thank you, that you all are contributing here. I had a feeling i couldn’t be the only one. Happy to see how many play the guitar to varying degrees.

(Realized that this is getting longer than expected. Feel free to skip all the rambling :wink: )

Since some shared photos of their gear already (Edit: i realized this was the new stuff thread… Oh well…) , i thought it’s time for me to admit i might have a Problem :wink:

This is my number one. Both in a sense that i play it most, and it was the first guitar i ever bought back in 2005. It is/was a Korean made Epiphone Les Paul custom. Since then, some paint has gone (was fully black) in the top and Neck, all hardware got changed, it got refreted with stainless frets and has a set of Seymour Duncan Jazz/JB in it. Tone Pots are push/push for splitting and it can do convincing pieze with both Pickups split in the middle position. It’s as close to perfect as i’ve found to date (for me).

My Number 2 (at the moment). A Sterling JP50. In Store it was love in first play. played it for months. After that, i went back to No.1. Has been sitting for a year or two. It revived it months back for secondary tunings and Rocksmith. It’s basically stock with a SD Nazgul in the Bridge. I really don’t like that Pickup but don’t feel like replacing it… Currently it’s for testing the aeAEAE tuning.

Various bits and pieces i got over the years. Left to Right:

  • A Ibanez gio 4 string bass. Does it’s job for Recordings.
  • Squier Affinity Telecaster (got it for free. Not great, but works and has a certain tone to it i need sometimes)
  • Ibanez RG8 (A gift from my wife. I still try to get comfortable with 8 strings, but a 27" Scale is just to short.)
  • Squier Bullet Strat (My sisters first guitar from somewhere around 2002-03). No pickguard, was painted three different colors and stripped back, i scalloped the neck myself, currently has only one Pickup in the bridge that’s hard wired to the output. It’s beaten up but it’s the first guitar i ever played. I plan on putting it back together with good parts some day)

Around the house there are other bits and Pieces. A Yamaha Acoustic, a Nylon string guitar that my mother bought when she was like 20 and a powerstrat from an Off-Brand called "SilverStar"where the tremolo is coming out. I just can’t bring myself to sell any of it.

Finally a little picture of my Recording Setup. I ditched all Amps and Pedals and now just play the Kemper. The best 2k investment i ever made. The Focusrite is a gen1 2i2. Not great, but does the job.


Just saw this now, but have you thought about the GHS Zakk Wylde set? They are 10-60

Is bass welcome?

Sure, why not. As shown above, i play the bass myself (rather poorly and only when needed though).

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I use that Zakk set on my Squire since I play baritone on that guitar (C Standard). Great set and was cheaper than my custom D’ Addario set that I put together.

Not the greatest for Synth tracking with the lower tuning, but it works.

Interesting. It’s close actually:

The low A is a tad on the light side with 13 Pounds, but i guess it’s the most balanced i’m gonna get out of a pre-made set. I’ll pick one or two up and see how they do.

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Was going to post here, but thought the other thread was more appropriate.
I’m a new player. I started a couple months ago playing rocksmith 2014 remastered on steam, but got busy and haven’t had a lot of time to noodle around. I did piano as a kid and had a short guitar unit in music class

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I honestly need to get back into playing. I just need to make some time for myself to do so. I learned to play by ear so RockSmith has been a godsend for me to learn actual notes and proper fingering. But, I have not touched it in years so I keep defaulting to my decades long bad habits of being self taught.

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How did you self teach playing techniques? Because I’ve been using Youtube.

See my post halfway up this thread. I used Fretboard Logic which gave me a base in the CAGED system, then I transitioned to learning the 3 note per string method

I’d post some noodling I did awhile back but apparently the files are of an unauthorized extension so RIP that idea.
I suppose I could convert the file into a supported type, but I can’t be bothered to this late at night in the middle of my busy season…

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