Guiminer process opens/closes

Windows 7 64-bit, ATI Radeon HD 4870

drivers and everything up to date


When I double click guiminer.exe the icon appears on my taskbar and nothing pops up, if I mouse over the icon it dissapears.

When I have the task manager on and try to open it, the process starts then dies within a few seconds

Is there a specific place you have to run the file to get to work i just extracted the zip to a random folder

Try running it as an administrator, assuming you are on Windows.

No change when ran as an admin

type in the search bar in the start menu '%appdata%'

then go to 'roaming',and find the 'poclmb' folder in there. Delete the file thats inside (i think its a .ini file but whatever) and then start guiminer again.

This will fix it :)

I dont even have a poclmb folder in my appdata > roaming folder.

I really want to know if I there is something i need to do past unzipping the guiminer.rar

oops sorry, should be poclbm not poclmb. And also, are you trying to run the application from a shortcut on your desktop?

Because if you are that usually doesn't work for some reason. You have to open the .exe file from the place you downloaded it to.