Guild Wars 2 - Path of Fire

Looks really interesting - good pricing - very fast launch… BTW SPOILER warning if you are not up-to-date in the story.


ugh might have to fire up the grind machine again

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I still haven’t played the original GW2 despite paying for it. It is hard to get into those mmorpgs when they can be so addictive and now with Bungie having pissed me off in doing what they did to Destiny now I am not that anxious to play these types of games even more now.

GW2 is quite casual focused. Unless you yourself are prone to become addicted over a game like that the way the game is set is to make casual play very easy and rewarding. No gear treadmills, no level cap increases, very few rng and you can play most of the content without top gear. So no rush to finish anything. You can play at your leisure.

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lol sure… I’m still waiting for a precursor drop playing since beta :slight_smile: Even a wrong one… no RNG at all :wink:

And yes I know there are different ways to get one by now, but still (also you can only get one this way and for Eternity alone you need 2).

That aside it’s really a fun game, but doing the jungle alone can be a pain in the rear. I really like the area, it’s done really beauriful, but hardly time to enjoy it since you got mobs on your butt 24/7 :frowning:

Cosmetics vs basic functionality.

Keep in mind that other MMOs like Blade and Soul require rng to progress in the story/basic gear upgrades. The rng/grind in GW is optional.

Only partially true though, because the legendaries do have better base stats then the exotic counterparts (equal to Ascended though).

And either way, even if they weren’t it’s still frustrating after 5 years.

Overall I agree though, it’s way less grindier then other MMOs, that much is true.

bought gw2 leveled to max. very pretty but they skill system is terrible. i stand by my statement that guild wars 1 had the best skill system of any game period. was devastated when they removed this from the 2nd game, killed it for me.

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They’ve changed up the skill system quite a bit, talents can completely change how you play even with the same weapons now

You’re right though, GW1 had a great skill system. Any game that lets you have more than 8 permanent pets on screen is fine by me

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Pre-cursors are craftable since 2015…If you are waiting for a drop to make a legendary then you are doing it wrong…

Also legendaries are cosmetic and convenient. Otherwise its the same stats as ascended.

That’s what I meant above :wink:

I don’t know if you played from the start, but the crafting was only introduced in HoT. That’s still 3 years hoping for a drop.

And again, as far as I know you can only craft one precursor.

I do not see how a complaint that is 2 years old and not in-game any more is relevant. The bottom line…No rng. Unless you really like gambling.

I really like GW1 skill system for sure. But it would not work on a more action-based game and it was insane to balance. But damn i miss the diversity it had.

Though GW2 skill system had a good deal of issues at launch. But since then it has gone through a complete overhaul and it is in a very nice place now.

then don’t - remember pvp? each week the new invicble build was ruined by the new invicible build. with some many variations and combinations, devs didnt need to waste time balancing it, the players did that automatically.

but they did balance it. everything was equally busted. They moved away from it because it was so hard to keep in check. There are tons of good systems that get dropped because they’re labor intensive in production. See Dark souls 1’s level design as another example. It’s a great experience to play through, but making a heavily interconnected world that makes sense in real space and is designed to be traversed in multiple directions is a lot harder to design than a hub world that teleports you to linear enemy gauntlets.

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yeah i know they did, i mean don’t.

this is the core of my point.


don’t try keep everything in check.

its a game with trillions of possible builds, whatever one you make, for a single person or a team, there is another one that can counter that. this was seen weekly in pvp. it was fantastic. there was nothing like it and there is nothing like it and they threw it away.

That’s not how good game design works, especially not in games where your main money maker is also your main variable – emergent human interaction.

Without the labor input, the meta would have settled on the clearly more busted options in the first few weeks, and the system you like so much loses any depth outside of casual players (a marked minority in most MMOs)

Without proper maintenance and balancing you completely invalidate the system.

What you’re proposing here is that the designers of Guild wars should ‘just’ make their game bad.

That’s not how you make money.

What @tkoham said…Bad balance can easily cause a game to implode.

if your saying this, you can’t have played gw1 pvp. i totally agree with what your saying here —except— for one single game, gw1. because every time some person or team “broke the game” wit the new ultimate build someone else would counter that build, it was never ending and was fantastic.

no, im asking them not to interfere with player build creation

if a game is fun it will make money

the pvp scene in gw1 was fantastic, and thrived. now its gone. there are lots of gw1 pvp players who think arena totally dropped the ball with gw2.

Preview weekend is live!. All that have an account have access to try the PoF preview. The raptor mount is excellent…I did not really expect that.