Guild Wars 2 Character Creation & Gameplay

Hey Tekkies! This weekend I played the Guild Wars 2 Beta and Created an Elementalist. Attached is the Character Creation Video. I will be uploading videos throughout the week of gameplay leveling up to 10, as well as World vs World (PvP).

I actually wish I had time to play this... Guild Wars was one of the only MMO games that caught my attention.

I really enjoyed the event type questing and how everyone could work together on a mob and all get credit. However you learn moves by getting kills with different weapon types and to me only getting about 5 spells to use over and over doesnt feel like customization. You get 4 more advanced spells as you level but I never got past level 10. Also World vs World (PvP) is incredibly fun but dying is horrible becuase you have to run back an extremely far distance, it kinda killed the WvW PvP for me and made me want to stop playing so I didn't have to run back.

Have the system requirements been released yet?