[Guide] Vsync On vs Off, what happens when FPS is higher than monitor Hz?

Ever since I started playing Counter-Strike in 2001 I’ve seen confusion about what V-sync does, input lag and what happens if your FPS is higher than the monitor refresh rate.

I got reminded of the topic when a user in here said that 100 fps is pointless if the monitor is 60Hz.
Explaining why this is wrong can be challenging and sometimes leaves a person confused when they hear render time vs. refresh rate, screen tearing and how it affects input lag.

Hardware Unboxed has made an excellent video on this topic and I felt the need to share it. It includes a visual representation on how it works, what effect it has and why it matters.


Its another of many good explanations. Totally pointless.

Better to rent a house near the server to win.

As an Australian I deal with 140-200ms pings to US gaming sites. So Im fucked over and gave up long ago.

Hardware unboxed is Australian I looked up the address and there not close to Melbourne so there ping would most likely suck like mine. No monitor or GFX card gonna fix that.

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