Guide to Buying Litecoin

This method seems to be the easiest to me... unfortunately there isn't really a good way to pay with them through paypal.


1. go to and make an account

2. go to and select your country and payment method... cash deposit seems to be easiest for me.

3. select mt.gox as your pay to location

4. enter all your mt.gox info

5. they will give you a slip, take that with your money to whatever location you selected and they will tell you who to talk to and what to do

6. wait 30 minutes-an hour and you should be credited with the money in your mt.gox account

7. buy however much bitcoin you want with the money you now have

8. go to

9. sign up

10. add funds through your bitcoins

11. buy litecoins with your bitcoins


I haven't personally tested either of these however they SHOULD work.

Could you please specify more about the "3. add funds through your credit card" part? Because as far as I can see, there is no way of directly transferring money from your credit card to BTC-E. Only through these strange account sites like "Interkassa" and "PerfectMoney". I can't even find a credit card option on Interkassa as the entire thing is in Russian.

On front page there seems to be an option that says "add funds" with VISA on the left side... it says in their faq that they accept VISA and Mastercard, though I to be honest am not sure the exact path to go down as far as how to get there.

yeah and I have heard so many bad things about btc-e that i'm not really feeling buying litecoins... If Mt.Gox would only sell litecoins as well.

No btc-e does not accept any form of Credit nor debit card anymore. Reason why is because they are reversible. You can easily file for fraud and get your money back while keeping your bitcoins. because bitcoins are NOT reversible no matter what. So they would be at a loss if that happens. Same thing with paypal it is reversible. They do not accept any reversible payment thats why paypal was taken out.

Updated based on that info.

Damnit. UK Can only pay with coupons