Guide for some one that never overclocked?

So i never have really overclocked before, the most i ever have done near it is AMD Overdrive.. but i want to do it in the bios and not keep having to re-do it in over drive. Any help?

Overdrive sucks, it wanted to put 1.45-1.5v into my 8320 to go to 4ghz. (Insert a few colorful words here.)
two, read up on what your card can and can't do reasonably
three, read up on your MOBO's BIOS and what features do what.
Four go as slow as possible, 50-100 mhz until unstable at the base voltage and then just bump up the voltage just a tad and there ya go.
Five, stress test that sucker, Stress testing can inherently harm the CPU if you overvoltaged your chips, so don't go crazy

dude, can u give more info about your system?

sorry, didnt thing it was relevant since i was looking for the basics. But they are

CPU: FX- 9370
Heatsink: Asetek Closeloop watercooler
GPU: XFX R9-280x
RAM: Corsair Vengeance 1866
Mobo: Asrock 990fx Extreme9
SSD: PNY 126gb
HDD: Toshiba 2tb
PSU: Corsair RM-1000

i watched jayztwocents OCing video and learned on basics LINK on hardcore overclocking i would certainly google out and go to all the forums to know all the values and stuff.

as for my story im not a hardcore OC'er all i did was to learn my max OC on stock voltage and went to bios and set my multiplier to to my max oc(for stock voltage) and thats it for me.

"CPU: FX-9370" let's cook some eggs. Lol you should be fine with that water loop.

Overclocking an FX processor couldn't be easier. Turn off stuff like turbo boost and all that jazz. Increase Hz, increase voltage. That's literally it. No Northridge tampering, no sequence tampering, nothing.

You can find guides on YouTube. FX processors are the place to start learning OCing.

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