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Guess this Animated show/Describe a Cartoon like it's an Anime


And they destroy the world in the second episode.

I'll let somebody pick it up.


That sounds very similar to Rick and Morty lol
too similar...


Gratz! Your turn.


I would have guessed Rick and Morty if I was awake.


Two slackers find themselves caught up in intergalactic affairs after chancing upon an 80 foot mech, a robot that was accidently sent too far into the past by our third MC, a tsundere from the future. These three must band together to defeat the impending threat, win a war before it starts, and potentially pick up some babes and/or fast food along the way.


Oh, I remember that show, I hate it only lasted two seasons. It kinda had that teen titans kind of art style, it was like 80% western style and 20% anime.

I'll let somebody else take it.


It was such a fun ride while it lasted, still to this day one of my favorite shows


Megas XLR?

Long time since I've seen that show.


Right on the money!
Your turn lol, hit us with your best shot


A team of highly incompetent space explorers go on misadventures searching for unknown and rare aliens for bounty with little success while unknowingly being pursued by a gorilla pimp and his legion.


Ooh I know this, I'll pull a @commodore256 and let somebody else pick it up.


The gorilla pimp gave it away didn't it?




At least I'm comfortable knowing I'm not the only that thinks he totally looks like a pimp.


Space Dandy?


Yes! For he is a dandy guy... in space.


These are the spectacular adventures of Space Dandy and his brave space crew... in space.

One of the very few anime where I like the english dub significantly more than the Japanese dub.


I haven't even tried the Japanese dub. The English just worked perfectly from the get go for me. I honestly could not imagine how the characters (mainly Dandy) would feel like if given a Japanese voice.

What other anime do you prefer English over Japanese? It is your turn btw if you want to participate. @KemoKa73


spent some time figuring out how I was gonna set this up because it's hard to make it sound like an anime. But here it goes.

A highly intelligent elementary schooler spends most of his time in his mother's basement conducting "science". Has a strange condition that causes his glasses to conform to his eyebrows. His greatest nemeses are his tall, overbearing elder sister and his mentally unstable trap rival. The show covers the short stories of his engineering attempts going horribly wrong and how he fixes them. He's also secretly a bit of a mecha enthusiast.

Shakugan no Shana, for the voices of Alastor and Marchosias. It was generally a very well-done dub.
Spice and Wolf has excellent English voice actors.


Ooooh that was a good show.