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Guess this Animated show/Describe a Cartoon like it's an Anime


Legend of Korra but there are dark skinned people in that show so probably not.


correct and American Indian dark not afro samurai level.


Well I haven't watched the show nor Avatar the last Airbender. Didn't know Korra is lesbian. Huh, neat.


yes they spent 2 season dropping hints only to come out in the series finally in a way that was obvious to adults but maybe not kids and everyone lost their marbles.


Was this during when Korra was on Nickelodeon or when they got off?


it was the last season so off?


Next mysterious show:

The show centers around a trio of kids who usually try to make money off the kids in a neighborhood by creating shady businesses in order to purchase a type of hard candy.


Too easy, there's a guy there that calls them another name for a whale penis. Sounds like a complement when you think of it that way :smiley:


Are you going to say the name or no?


I'll let somebody else do it


Ed, Edd and Eddy?


Yeah, go ahead. Your turn.


What is that name? Did Rolf said this?


It was Kevin, Dorks means Whale Penis.


I would imagine Danny Antonucci might have known that when creating Kevin.


A kid in Japan gets kicked in the face by a cow at school.


Not your turn, @Aremis. It is @section279 unless he doesn't want to go.


Pfff other forums have like 8 guesses going at once


A boy and his alcoholic and ingenious maternal grandfather visit space and other dimensions in order to prove that secondary schooling in America is ineffective, and in doing so learn how intertwined their fates are.


That sounds like an amazing alternate universe to doctor who.