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Guess this Animated show/Describe a Cartoon like it's an Anime


the point is anime and cartoons shared their roots and arent that different.


Anime is cartoons, it's just the style of contemporary Japanese Cartoons is just usually exaggerated in a similar inbred way. Also, "Light Novels" are children's books.


@commodore256 has got it.


Well Disney was a huge influence for Japanese anime.

Which means, Kingdom Hearts' conception actually makes sense, outside of the convoluted plot.


girl goes on a quest to gain the power of her ancestors. she meets many people and fights a man in the mask. her various love interest keep falling apart until she discovers it's them it's her and she likes girls. she saves the world after gaining her power and loosing it and gaining it back.


Its @commodore256's turn but it is his thread. He has carte_blanche save for robbing turns.


That style isn't all Disney, when I think Disney from the 40's, I think of anthro animals like Mickey and Donald. I think Astro Boy looks like a common 40's Non-Horrro/Non-Superhero comicbook style like Little Audury, Little Dot, Casper, Ritchie Rich and something like Betty Boop or Popeye.


Can you reiterate that. That sentence is confusing.


"it's not them it is her. she likes girls"
ie she is gay for other women and she was dating men.


Is the main character of this show male?


nope the main is girl


This is definitely some Japanese anime, I know that for a fact. Question is which?


Is is Simoun?


no idea what simoun is so no.


It was a complete random guess. It had something with a lesbian(s).


the MC has a bet she takes with here everywhere and often wearing blue and NEVER wears sleeves on her shirts/blouses/skirts/whatever.


Cartoon based on Michelle Obama ?

I know we're not on that one anymore, but I couldn't help but image that as I read it :grin:


Light Novels aren't children's books, they're an book medium based on anime. Basically a book with anime story and illustrations.

The contents are rarely tailored or even suited for kids to read.


nope this show has no black people


Yeah, and they're targeted towards Japanese kids ages 10-13. About when boys discover their penis. You can also tell it's for kids if it's a power fantasy Shounen shit. They're at the age where they want to be a fucking wizard and don't want to struggle for it and want to be a Marry-Sue like Kirito.