gtx770 question

Ok so my friend wants to upgrade his computer, he has sold his graphics card and is planning on buying a gtx 770, however his current system specs are 8gb ram at 1600mhz, athlon 750k 4ghz quad core, h55 cooler and a 600w psu bronze rated. The idea is he will be running a gtx 770 on that rig till Christmas when he can upgrade the cpu, motherboard and psu, but keep his 770 and cooler? My question is can he run a gtx 770 on this current build with only a 600w psu? And how big would the bottle neck be with using a 770 with a 4 GHz athlon quad core (fm2 socket) and that much ram? Thanks for the help :)


He will have no trouble playing games. The Athlon will bottleneck the 770, but if he plans to upgrade later in the year, it's totally acceptable to bridge that time frame with what he can currently use.

600W is more than enough for any GPU, plus extra devices and overclocking.

that will run fine the athlon 750k will not bottle neck that bad it just depends on the game.  Some games it my not bottle neck at all and some it may but you will still see very nice performace on that system.  And 600w if its got a good single 12v rail it will be fine.