gtx770 +g10

I am slowly putting together my gaming pc and am going to use a GTX770 accompanied by NZXT's G10 + X60.

But, I have stumbled upon a problem - which of all the gtx770's should I take?

Ofcourse, it should have the reference pcb design, but I can't find anything anywhere about which pcb is the original.

then just get a reference gtx 770. Problem solved.

Can't really find a reference one in any shop in my country.


have you tried looking for a used one?

No, and probably will not.

Get a reference 770. If you're going to put the G10 on it it doesn't make sense to buy one with a custom cooler like the ACX or Twin frozer only to remove it and run the risk of the G10 not fitting and paying more than a reference version.

I would buy a reference one, if I could get one, but all I have available are the custom ones.

Contact NZXT and check compatibility?

google which 770s have a reference pcb.  Just because there is a different fan on it does not mean it has a custom pcb.

All EVGA GTX 770 are reference design cards