GTX760 With 3 Monitors? First Build

Hi there everyone. I plan to build my first rig after Christmas which will be primarily for gaming and programming (defecting from consoles). I plan to start off with just a single EVGA GTX760 as this is the best card I can get in my budget. I am not really looking to be playing games maxed out and everything but I just want to run games that look nice at good FPS. I will just be starting off with a single monitor plugged in via HDMI. In the future however I am planning to look into having 3 monitors running off the one card. Will this card be okay to do that or will it be better to run another in SLI so that it works. I would prefer to only have to have one card as it is all I can afford and this is my first build/rig of mine.

Thanks for all the help and if you have any tips or whatever don't hesitate to put them forward. I need all the help I can get.   

It will of course be much more work for the card to run with three screens but in games with less than top modern graphics it could be enjoyable. For instance don't bet on Battlefield 4 running very well on that one card with triple monitors, but most driving games would. Better make that a 760 with more than the regular 2GB of graphics memory, both for future proofing and to cope with the future extra load of running triple monitors. If the future economy is uncertain it could bite you soon enough to limit yourself to a 2GB card today.

If I were you I would get the R9 280x instead if you are not building until later it will be out and will out perform the 760 and has more vram for 3 monitors